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Are computers supposed to make life easier?

Nothing like a 8 hour computer issue to ruin the days productivity.  Today was the day to completely move my network out of the house.  This is accomplished by using the EnGenius LAN wireless bridge and setting parts of the system up at the neighbours and also an out building. I had been using this wireless bridge already, but I introduced a second one into the system because my neighbour also connects to the network for the purposes of backing up to my server.  Well this sent the whole system into a tizzy. Did not help that a 50ft cable worked fine for an hour or so and then decided to never work again. Then there were IP issues, and DHCP issues, and just plain computer issues.  Problems started at 11 AM and continued to 7 PM.

But all is generally working now(still some connectivity problems with part of the neighbours system).  Spent the rest of the evening striping the non-containing ceiling tiles in the office and some general cleanup.  Tomorrow morning will be the second trailer load of garbage to the dump and then a trailer load of metal to the recycle station.  My nephew is going to come by for a few hours in the afternoon and we will move the salvaged cabinets from the shipping container into the shop out back, in preparation for moving the container to the front yard once part of the house is down, and then move some salvaged wood from the house into the container. Then a few hours of final cleanup inside the house and attic and we are ready for drywall removal.  I believe Monday will generally be setup including building a tunnel from the house to the garbage container.  Unfortunately, because this is asbestos containing drywall, it cannot be recycled and is going to a processing station in Alberta.  I will try to figure a way to setup the roving camera inside a protective bag so that we can watch the proceedings.

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