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Tree Day

Tonight’s is short and sweet.  Today was tree day.

I arrived at 7:30 Am to do a final cleanup before Burley Boys arrival at ten to eight.  Most of the rest of the day was occupied with trees.  I did spend some time in the garage while they were working on the tree by the street and managed to strip out the remaining wiring, garage door and opener and roof joists. But then they started on the tree clump beside the garage and it was too dangerous to still be in the garage as they were booming large branches above me.

So I made myself useful for a bit helping Eric split apart multi-ply lumber posts before we broke for lunch. After lunch I helped the crew clear fallen limbs and brought to chipper. I topped the day off by putting a bigger-hole-free-tarp over the bedroom (North Annex).  I had a 5:30 appointment so knocked off at 4:00 to get some paperwork done.

The Burley Boys crew did a great job of limbing the cedars and it was amazing at how much light this let in.  We actually had to set up a canopy in what was the living room this morning for Eric’s nail pulling station as it was too hot (an area that would have typically been in shade before lunch). What was also nice was the confirmation that there was about 12″ of rot on the street tree just above the false leader forks.  So it WAS just a matter of a few more years before the top of the tree would have snapped off as the rot progressed.

Street Tree - Beginning of Day
Street Tree – Beginning of Day
Street Tree at End of Day and limbing south cluster
Street Tree (stump at left) at end of day and limbing south cluster

Tomorrow I have some appointments in the morning and then will try to make final work of the garage and office in the afternoon.

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