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Cameras and Update - The dig is scheduled.

Sorry for the down shed cam folks.  I thought the network cable to it was damaged yesterday while raising a corner of the tarp, but it looks like the actual unit is malfunctioning for non-related reasons.  I have asked FOSCAM if they can get me a replacement here for Tuesday. I have also asked them to quote me one addition camera that would provide a view from the NE during teh day and act as another security cam at night.

I did sever the weather station cable while working on the tarp so lost some data over a 24 hour period until I was able to solder all the wires back together and seal it up yesterday afternoon.

AHHHH – just noticed this evening the ruddy tarp has shifted and some of the back attachment points are loose again.  Something may be slipping – will have to keep and eye on it.  I have a feeling it is slipping at the top on the main line and bunching up. May need to lower the main line one last time.

THE GREAT DIG IS SCHEDULED! I spoke with Parm from Diamond 11 and he has committed to starting Tuesday AM.  They are just finishing up a job. This is now starting to feel real – real scary!

So I will spend Monday doing final prep around the site including moving some stacked wood to its permanent holding spot.  I am also transferring the batter board lines at the NW corner to other boards because I am confident that the tree fencing will take a beating as we dig beside it.  I will actually have to undercut the excavation bank below the fencing to ensure enough room between the foundation and cement blocks to work.  I will then offset the top row back towards the foundation by 6-8″ by utilizing cap blocks for the second last row (so the top row does not engage with keys that would typically be on the top of the block).  This will allow me to gain space below the tree root zone and yet stay at the air spade line through the root zone.

Once I see how we do after a couple of days, I will have a better idea on when IO can schedule the concrete block delivery so that they can be placed directly into the hole minimizing time and cost.

I also need to figure out a way of lifting the ICF pallets with the excavator so these too can be placed around the hole as it is dug.  I am thinking of an overhead frame that acts as a spreader and attachment point for a quad chain up to the lifting point on the excavator as well as 4 strap attachment points from below on the outside 4 corners.  The frame would be about 4′ x 4′ to match the size of the pallet.  The two straps would be fitting through each bay of the pallet and the frame would ensure that they lifted evenly and did not crush the blocks at the top (this was happening when they were delivered).  We used to build custom lifting jigs to lift the equipment we designed and built (which was typically 5 or 6 feed wide by 25 or more ft long) at the chemical engineering firm I used to work at.  SO I have a good idea on what is needed.

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