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Rock Bottom

Just a quick update as it has been a 13 hour day and I am done.

We finally hit bottom today. The last 2-3ft has been dense packed glacial till (think clay like material) filed periodically with some of the larger boulders of the dig. We are well past the original estimate of 90 truck loads, so I am very worried what the total bill will come in at but know that Diamond will give me a good and honest price. We have dug down to final grade in about 20% of the space. There is probably 2 more full days of digging.

I also had a geotech visit today and all is working out. I need to put the blocks in place for the portions of the north wall already excavated and once in place will dig out the final portion.

The storm water engineer has specified a 42″ sump with the bottom 4ft below the lowest intake. So I will have a 16ft tall sump. Parm and crew have never put in a sump larger than 36″ ID so I guess most are not to code but the building departments do not sweat it.

Now it is off to bed.

Thanks for visiting.

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