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Gathering Steam

Hey folks,

Another week has flown by and unfortunately, I do not have anything exciting to show you this week.

It has been a week gathering up steam to start both the electrical and water supply rough-ins.  There was an agonizing amount of time looking through online plumbing fixture catalogues deciding on bathroom faucets and tubs so that the plumbing rough-ins could be planned.  At the end of the week, a fully contained shower enclosure had been ordered for the 1st floor, bathroom sink faucets had been ordered for the 1st floor and master en suite, faucets had been picked for the upstairs hall bathroom sink, and the master en suite and upstairs hall tubs had been chosen.  With this prep completed, I was able to order the Uponor pipe and fittings which I was able to pick up on Friday.

I also completed the last of my electrical circuit design and bough the electrical boxes for a majority of the project.


Elastomeric Armaflex pipe insulation to prevent heat loss from hot water lines and condensation on the cold water lines
Uponor PEX tubing and fittings and plastic electrical boxes ready for rough-ins
Plastic and Metal 2-1/2″ deep electrical boxes. My preference is for metal boxes because of their durability and easier installation of cable, but I needed some plastic boxes where I will have Z-Wave automation devices with antenna as the metal interferes with the radio signals.

In order to have some viewing pleasure on this update, I did manage to spend time putting together the time-lapse exterior roving cam video for the fall/winter 2019 period. Enjoy.

As always, thanks for visiting!

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