About SENWiEco Designs

Sean Wiens is principal at SENWiEco Designs. Sean has had a keen interest in building science and energy efficiency for most of his adult life and is a regular contributor to the discussions at the Building Science Community and RESNET BPI LinkedIN discussion groups. Sean also has a passion for reducing human’s footprint on this planet and hosts a sustainable living blog at www.thepathtosustainableliving.blogspot.ca, which discusses ways that we can all live a more sustainable lifestyle. This includes discussions on constructing our dwellings in ways that make them more durable and energy efficient, while at the same time using materials with a lower embodied energy.

With Sean’s passion for energy reduction, the environment, and most importantly – Building Science Best Practices, Sean, along with his wife, have made the decision to offer up their new construction project to the building science and engineering community for the purposes of studying high performance building assemblies.

In this way, it is hoped that the new dwelling will resulting in a lasting legacy to the building science community and not a liability to the planet.