Project Journal


July 12, 2020
Hey Folks, So sorry it has been so long for another update. Life has been a roller coaster with computer/sleep/wildlife/steep learning curve issues. In my last post I advise that my Outlook file had corrupted and thought I was an hour away from a

Quick Update

June 14, 2020
Hey Folks Just a quick update.  I have been meaning to provide a site update for the last two weeks, but life keeps getting in the way.  Today, it was my Outlook PST file corrupting because of some network issues I am having.  My life is in Outlook,

Hot Water

May 25, 2020
Once again, I need to share my gratitude to another manufacturer that has seen the value this website provides to the public. I am happy to announce Rheem has joined as a partial sponsor on this project, and I am thrilled that their Hybrid Hot Water He

Grateful for Sponsors

May 11, 2020
Hi Folks, Hope you are all staying healthy and maintaining social distance. I am pleased to advise that things have been progressing well at site.  Since your last visit I have completed the installation of the cabling between all of my main and se

That’s going to suck!

April 21, 2020
Hey folks, How is everyone enduring the new 'normal' these days. I have generally being working alone for close to 6 years, so no big change there, but I am seeing supply chain issues resulting in much longer deliveries for items.  With some stores

Cold Shower

March 29, 2020
Hey folks, Time for my bi-weekly check in. Sorry for the soap-box, but it was nicer than I had planned on being, but still needs to be said. Maybe if enough of us repeat this message, it will finally get through, and hopefully before it is too l

Hanging Down

March 17, 2020
Good Evening to everyone in Web Land. I debated not sending updates for a while, but if you are like me, it would be a relief to get something in my email that was not Covid related.  These are interesting and trying times.  At least we are in Canada

A man and his island

March 1, 2020
Hey folks, Time again to check-in and provide a site update. Sorry, I missed last week, but as explained in the following vid, I did not have too much to show. Going forward I will adjust my timing of these updates to every 2 weeks unless I hear tha

Lots of Boxes

February 17, 2020
This week has generally been about boxes - lots of boxes. I currently have 139 light switches planned for all three floors.  ? Add to this the power receptacle boxes, and I will need to install over 200 electrical boxes in the dwelling. Many of the

Gathering Steam

February 9, 2020
Hey folks, Another week has flown by and unfortunately, I do not have anything exciting to show you this week. It has been a week gathering up steam to start both the electrical and water supply rough-ins.  There was an agonizing amount of time loo

This and That

February 3, 2020
Hey folks, Time for my weekly check-in.  I am again using videos to speed up the documenting of my progress to hopefully ensure more consistent updates for you. One of my first tasks, this week, was to seal the eys on the conduit leading to my Dupl

Going to need a mulligan!

January 26, 2020
Well - this week I am going to claim a mulligan or do-over. My back decided it was going to rule the roost for the week, regardless of how much meds it received. For much of the week, I could barely walk, so climbing around on ladders was NOT going to

Non Potable – Done!

January 20, 2020
Hey Folks, Time for my weekly check-in albiet a little late due to technical difficulties yesterday. I had intended to have a video showing the installation of each of the components of the non-potable water circuit, but technical difficulties meant I

More Planning

January 12, 2020
Hey folks, Another week has flown by and as I look back to see how I have spent my week, I am amazed at how long planning has continued to take on this project.  I certainly start to understand the costs assocated to architects on custom homes. At lea

Front Yard Summer Work

January 5, 2020
Hey folks, Trying to abide by my promise of weekly updates.  While over the last week, I have only been performing boring office work, I did manage to squeeze out two new time-lapse vids for the outdoor roving cam. I have some fun and narrated the


January 1, 2020
Finally!  This sums up my thoughts of the moment and covers a wide array of topics this year. Finally: On June 8, I finished the installation of the roofing insulation package and Ceiling OSB air and Vapour barrier. This significantly closed up the dw