Project Journal

More Planning

January 12, 2020
Hey folks, Another week has flown by and as I look back to see how I have spent my week, I am amazed at how long planning has continued to take on this project.  I certainly start to understand the costs assocated to architects on custom homes. At lea

Front Yard Summer Work

January 5, 2020
Hey folks, Trying to abide by my promise of weekly updates.  While over the last week, I have only been performing boring office work, I did manage to squeeze out two new time-lapse vids for the outdoor roving cam. I have some fun and narrated the


January 1, 2020
Finally!  This sums up my thoughts of the moment and covers a wide array of topics this year. Finally: On June 8, I finished the installation of the roofing insulation package and Ceiling OSB air and Vapour barrier. This significantly closed up the dw