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We have Asbestos!

Just a short note tonight as it is late and I am tired.

I have been thinking about a tool that I envisioned would allow me to do flush cuts to aid in removing the hardwood floors and also the cedar siding.  I was talking with an inspector friend of mine and he mentioned he had an adapter for his Saws-All.  This led to some Google research which turned up the below adapter.  Ordered mine today.  This should make the job a LOT easier.

Flush Cut Adapter for Reciprocating Saw
Flush Cut Adapter for Reciprocating Saw

Yesterday was spent going through the final items in the utility room.  Now everything has been sorted and moved into its appropriate spot. Tomorrow I should be able to take out the boiler and HWT and strip the cabinets.  I also want to get my temp power pole completed so I can call for inspection.

Today was a day of errands and a lunch time BCBEC seminar.  I also received the results of the drywall and other samples I took throughout the house.  The ceiling tiles do not have asbestos, but the drywall and utility floor do.  I will call to come in and remediate.  I am allowed to do this myself as long as no other person would come into contact (no subs), but I promised myself I wouldn’t if it was in the drywall.  I will continue stripping the house down to the point that only drywall is left.  I am fortunate in that most of the walls in the home are wood panelling.

Still working with engineer to confirm my plan meets Part C of the Guide. I had to move one of the upstairs windows a few inches and make it narrower to comply.  Hopefully this will be the last required change.  I am also waiting for the floor truss vendor’s engineer to provide correct truss calcs.  The first set I got did not have point loads identified.  Unfortunately, this engineer is extremely hard to reach on the phone and does not answer email.  They were due Tuesday, but that came and went without the needed updates. By tomorrow, this will probably represent the critical path on the project and any further delays from them WILL impact the schedule.  I need my engineer to check over these calcs so that they can sign off the drawings in prep for a building permit app, I hope to initiate next week.

Today was garbage day so I turned the following pile of paper and cardboard


into this


As always – thanks for visiting!

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