Project Journal

Happy to Clad!

September 27, 2018
Well, after so many years of slogging away on this place, it sure does feel good to be applying a finished surface to the exterior of the dwelling!  It is actually starting to feel like a home!!! I have now finished the insulation and cladding on both

Concrobium Pro – The Fungi Eradicator

August 13, 2018
As some of my long time readers will remember, I first came across the professional version of Concrobium back in December 2015 when I discovered the engineered beams in my basement were heavily stained with fungi due to the high humidity present. At t

The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome!

July 19, 2018
As is typical fare for my house building journey, the last month or so has been a roller coaster of good, bad, and awesome! The Good Billy the marmot is safe! His long term living accommodations became critical when the shipping container he was living

A long ways from home

June 3, 2018
Well, I can now add marmots to the extensive list of animals that have been seen in my yard.  This lovely fellow moved in under my shipping container over the last week.  Only difference between this guy and all of the other visitors I have had to date,

Suspended Garage Slab – Quad Deck Thermal Bridging

April 28, 2018
Hey folks, Things have been progressing well at the job site.  Since my last posting, I have installed the permanent stairs down to the basement (a joy after working so long with the construction stairs that were very narrow and required me to duck un

Slab Happy – Revisited

March 30, 2018
Well, I am thrilled to advise I finally have a basement floor! I poured the floor last Monday and it turned out phenomenal. John and his crew from High Def Concrete knocked it out of the park!  I had asked for a machine finish, and by the time that Jo

The Barriers

March 6, 2018
No, I am not talking about some 70’s alternative music group, but the various components that allow for the separation of conditioned indoor space and non-conditioned outdoor space in a building.  These barriers create the envelope or more appropriatel

Air Tight – Certified!

February 26, 2018
Well the results are in and they are phenomenal.  Patrick (my HRV consultant)  came by on the 16th to do the duct-blaster test on my HRV supply and exhaust ducts.  I am thrilled to advise that both are air tight!  Not bad for my first try!!

Small Victories!

February 9, 2018
Well folks, I am very pleased and extremely relieved to advise we have worked through the roadblock imposed by the Municipality last October regarding my building envelope. I today delivered the final required letter of assurance filled out in a manner

Sealed Up Tight

February 7, 2018
Today I finished the last of the installation and sealing of the HRV supply and exhaust return ducts and preparing them for air tightness testing.  This leaves only the fresh air and exhaust ports from the HRV unit through the exterior building envelope

Completed Homework

January 14, 2018
Hey folks, Just a short update.  I finally got around to creating some more time lapse videos of the construction.  I was shocked to see that I was over a year behind.  I think this shows just how crazy 2017 was for me. At the site, I have now fi

Happy New Year …. one can hope!

January 1, 2018
Happy New Year to all my digital friends! I for one, am thrilled to see the last of 2017.  It has been a tough year that can be summed up by a phrase I recently heard on a commercial for a new TV show. My life is like a swirling toilet that never f