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A Lasting Legacy to the Building Science Community

The Enclosure will be a two-storey and basement single-family dwelling to be constructed in Pemberton Heights, BC, by SENWiEco Designs. Much more than a home, we plan for The Enclosure to result in a lasting legacy to the building science community and occupants for decades to come.

The completed dwelling will be made available to the building science and engineering community for the purposes of studying high performance building assemblies needed by BC’s construction community to assist the City of Vancouver and the Province in their goals for Net0 ready new construction by 2020.

Design Focus

Provide highly thermally resistant and air tight envelope assemblies that focus on reducing thermal bridging and ensuring effective insulation values are as close to the nominal values as possible while also demonstrating best building enclosure practices in terms of storm water management and assemblies that while air tight will still allow for the assembly to ‘perspire’ to the exterior low pressure side. More about the design…

Building Science Lab

To ensure the planned dwelling provides a lasting legacy to the building enclosure and construction community, SENWiEco will sponsor and include a building lab to be built right into one of the main dwelling’s exterior walls. This lab will test a series of high performance wall assemblies over 1-2 year periods while being monitored with a sophisticated instrument package. More about the building lab…