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A Lasting Legacy to the Building Science Community

The Enclosure is a two-storey plus basement single-family dwelling being constructed in Pemberton Heights, BC, by SENWiEco Designs. Much more than a home, we plan for The Enclosure to result in a lasting legacy to the building science community and occupants for decades to come by making the dwelling available to the building science and engineering community for the purposes of studying high performance building assemblies needed by BC’s construction community. This will assist the City of Vancouver and the Province in their goals to reach a Net0 future for new construction.

Project Journal


I want to apologize for being M.I.A. lately.  Truth is that I have not felt much like chatting over the last few months.  Life has been tough! Since January, I have been averaging 60+ hour-work-weeks, and have been too…

Fleece Lining

Hi Folks, Sorry again for the long absence, it has been a crazy time, with 60-70 hour work weeks! I have a lot of updates to share, and some will…