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Ever have one of those days you just should have stayed in bed?  Today was such a day!  A Bad Personal Day.

I got a very late start today.  For some reason I was beat even though yesterday was generally tractor work which is not too taxing on oneself.  Possibly it was a bit of heat stoke as I did forget to wear a hat yesterday.

Anyway, I got up early enough but that is where the day turned south.  I quickly realized the radio on my phone was off and obviously had been for some time.  I had texts, emails, and phone messages I had missed.  Once answered I started working on a time lapse video of the shipping container move to the front yard.  After a hour of editing, I pressed the wrong button and lost the file.

At this point it was 10AM, and I quite frankly did not feel like doing anything.  Eric was not coming today, so I had no reason to feel I had to perform. So I watched TV for an hour.  Should have stayed there!

I finally got to the job-site just after 11:30 AM. I puttered about for a bit starting to clean up some of the stuff in the container that fell over and then my den mother (Gail) next door suggested lunch.  Who was I to argue!

After lunch I started organizing the container in earnest.  I set up most of the shelving units I scored on freecycle.  These will store all my construction supplies in different categories like electrical, plumbing, building envelope, fasteners, etc.

This all went fine, except slow, until I decided it was time to move the camera network back into the container.  At 2:30 I shut everything down and started the switch.  It is not overly complicated, I have a port that supports PoE (which is where not only data but also power is sent across a network cable to a device – in my case web cams), the inside console for the weather station, my older file server, a battery backup system, the Engenius Wireless LAN bridge, and all of the miscellaneous power supplies.

By 2:45 PM I was hooped!  I had moved over the UPS and server and was energizing the port and LAN bridge when I accidentally switched two power supplies and supplied the 24V LAN bridge with 48volts!  The unit sparked and died.  I spent the next 45 mins unsuccessfully looking for one locally or even further afield that I could courier over night.

No dice – did I mention I should have stayed in bed?  So next logical step was to piggyback on Ron’s internet (which is coming from me anyway), but this required a very long cable to be made.

2 weeks ago I could have told you exactly where my crimper and parts were.  No such luck today.  I spent the next 1-1/2 hours looking for it in the old house, garage, shipping container, back shed, and of course our basement suite.  I went through each 3 times and nothing. Then finally I found the crimper mixed in with some pliers and such at the job site, but no connectors.  However, now that I knew I was no longer looking for the pair together, I quickly located the small bag with the clear connectors in the suite.

Why they were not together and why neither of them were in there proper spot was beyond me.  I was able to quickly make a 100+ft cable (I have a spool of cable for such needs) and hung it between a tree and Ron’s roof peak before connecting it to his system and my port (if you look closely you can see it hanging across the yard in the shed cam).  Even the cable gave me grief as it would catch on branches, and then shingles on my roof, and then the ladder, and then …  You get the idea – I was at this point just wanting to crawl under a rock and come out next spring.

Things went a bit better after this but the day was done.  I re-routed the street and shed cam LAN cords to the new container position and reconnected the weather station.  The day came to a close and I had basically done 1-1/2 hours of a typical days work.  Can you say POOR!

As one final dig the day had for me, I had gotten to the suite and already started to decompress when I realized I had forgotten to turn on the file server which also runs the weather station. So get dressed and trod over one last time.  Can you say VERY POOR!

SO I guess tomorrow will have to be the house emptying day that today was meant to be.  I should have stayed in bed!

Till tomorrow.


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