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Cat Man

Digging is progressing well.  No hurtles or stumbling blocks.  Speaking of blocks, my geotech is insisting I need them in the areas that are vertical.  All the digging crew and other contractors that have stopped by are laughing at may saying no way will the bank collapse because so hard packed together.  The glacial till is like cement.  I will go with the expert as I believe a lot of jobs are not done to safe standards.

I have also become a Cat man.  I quickly picked up the Caterpillar joystick control pattern and actually found I could no longer automatically do the John Deer pattern that Alfie uses.  So I switched Alfie to the Cat pattern and have not looked back.

Also happy to report that the replacement Foscam for the ShedCam came yesterday and is now back in service.

Very hard packed glacial till
Very hard packed glacial till

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