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Cold Shower

Hey folks,

Time for my bi-weekly check in.

Sorry for the soap-box, but it was nicer than I had planned on being, but still needs to be said. Maybe if enough of us repeat this message, it will finally get through, and hopefully before it is too late!

The shower design took a full 12 hour day to figure out the best placement of controls and fixtures, and then the routing of the piping, before doing the take off and ordering the parts. The green circles below indicate all of the locations that would typically contain 2x 45 elbows. To improve flow, I will instead use Type K soft copper and bend the shapes I need which should also simplify the install, taking less time.  I will go into more detail on the design and the piping is being installed.  I am waiting on some parts.

Shower control design layout. Person represents average height for a adult woman.

Here is a short detail video showing the general installation of a wall mounted bathroom sink faucet

Finally, a short video showing how you can thermo-form PEXA to the desired shape.

Thanks for visiting and please stay safe.

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