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Continued Progress

I have made OK progress since Friday – Saturday was spent doing general cleanup including a load to the dump for green waste (unpainted wood), general garbage, and metal recycling. I know I did more than just this but for the life of me cannot remember that far back.

I took Sunday off (as I generally will do because I am not allowed to generate construction noise on Sunday’s) to catch up on everything else including answering emails, finances and some other chores. I also did some research on temporary labour and portable toilets.

Monday, as previously reported was a full day RCI seminar followed by more paperwork in the evening. I believe the real challenge on this project is going to be keeping up with the ‘paperwork’ side of the build (finances, quote requests and order prep, product research, management of this site including the photos). These tasks can quite easily consume a full morning if I am not careful.

Yesterday was generally spent setting up the week. I have decided to hire a construction labourer to take care of some of the time consuming tasks I have outstanding. I researched the different firms offering this service and settled on Embers-Vancouver-Logostaffing solution.  They have been on my radar for a couple of years and seem to have a good program and track record.  Their Green Renovation program has an A+ rating with BBB.

I have hired one labourer for Thursday and will have them grind the staples off the back of all the flooring I have just pulled up.  This means I need facilities on site and have a portable toilet coming today from Maple Leaf.  I checked with SmithRite, Pitstop, and Jiffy and Maple Leaf had the best rate when all costs were added in.  Pitstop looked attractive at first but when you added in the 11.9% fuel surcharge, they actually became the most expensive of the four.

Last night I finished pulling up the hardwood in the hallway.   The only floor left that I want is in the master bedroom but this is going to stay up until the very end of the demo as it is storage for the construction tools and supplies until I move the shipping container to the front yard which I cannot do until I take down part of the house so there is room to drag it to the front (I dragged it to the back before the tree fencing and temp power pole were up).  This leaves the oak hardwood in the office and spare bedroom.  I really do not want it and so posted it on Craigslist (free) and have someone coming today to take up and take away.

Today is going to be about pulling the panelling in the halls, removing the remaining non-containing drywall, ans stripping the rest of the washroom.  I probably will not get all of this done as I have a Blood Donation appointment at 1:30 (I believe my 122nd) and will not be able to do ‘strenuous’ labour after.

My friends at Honeycomb Creative were also able to fix the refreshing of the Roving Cam, so you will be able to watch the progress as I move forward.  I am also working on new functionality to would make time capture movies on each of the cameras at the end of each day for playback.

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