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What a difference a day makes

Well, it has been quite the world wind day.  Started bright and early at 8:30 (Trust me, this is early for me – I am more of a night hawk) with someone coming to pickup an old Poly Iso panel another builder had given me in case I could use.

This was followed by an email from the engineer responding to one I sent last night advising what updates I had made over the weekend based on the new bracing % requirements (allowed me to open up the basement braced wall band a bit to make the rooms on each side more accessible, and allowed me to centre the south living room window again).

The wonderful news was that we were on track to finish up this week.  So right away, I called the District and tried to book a permit application meeting.  Due to holiday schedules they were booking June 20!  This would have been another 3 weeks delay.  I contacted the actual plan checker and bless her heart, she is able to fit me in THIS Friday at 3 PM.  So it looks like we have a deadline to get the engineering finished that we really need to keep.  Heather at Tacoma has been working feverishly including into her evenings.  I owe her big time!

I also informed the local TriForce floor truss vendor of the schedule and that I would need the sealed calcs that Eric at the factory and I worked on last week.  There were two late day changes that were needed but Eric turned them around even though it was 8PM his time (Must be something in the Ontario water – both Heather and Eric have been awesome!)

Around this time Michael from arrived to go through the house and get the data he needed for an estimate.  I am not looking forward to receiving it.  His comment was that I have a LOT of drywall.  He would like the floors and wood wall panels to be in place when they do the remediation but I need to remove any trim, cabinets, hardware, fixtures, etc.  Most of this work is already done but I will have to hustle to complete this, finish emptying the attic, and clean the remnants of possessions out of the house except for the master bedroom which does not have drywall on the walls and the ceiling was replaced by me in 1998 when we took possession.  I am hoping he can do this work early next week.  Because there is ceilings involved it is one of the higher classes of danger and they will have to even set up a shower in the transition room.

I then had a lunch meeting with Graham Finch from RDH and Jason Teetaert from SMT where we discussed the instrument package for the Building Science lab and also to be incorporated into the main structure.  I will provide more of an update on this once it gets further along, but lets just say it is going to be COOL!

After a quick doctors appointment where I got to see my Uvula and inside of my throat through a scope, it was back home to answer some emails and then go and do some more destruction across the street.  I managed to gut most of the bathroom in a couple of hours.  I am leaving the tub and surround as there is no drywall behind. With the bathroom gutted, I have completed all of the cabinetry in the house.

So it is looking like the planets are finally aligning and letting me proceed on this project.  Lets see how the week goes and what other challenges are in store for me.

I will also work on the camera system in the upcoming days.  I know the roving cam has not been updating (you can manually update it by pressing F5).  I am trying to find someone to write the PHP script I need to automatically capture the images for the time lapse and then I can set it to operate the same as the other three cameras.

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