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A dump of a day!

Today was dump day.  I started out after breakfast with half a trailer load of green waste (final fractured roof ship-lap) to the transfer station.

I then loaded up all of the drywall I had removed from the garage and a wall from the living room and from the bathroom (all installed post 1998 so non containing).  For this load I had agreed to also take in a neighbours removed drywall from down the street (also modern and non containing). Their son came along which made for a fast unload.

On return I started to prepare the Asbestos containing materials I still had on site.  I had cement board and a VA tile floor.  All got triple bagged and marked.  I then headed off with both the bags of ACM and the last of the roof shingles.  I stopped first at the EcoLandfil in Richmond to drop off the shingles and then the Vancouver Landfill in Delta to drop off the ACM bags in a special bin.  I was relieved when the day was over and the ACM was gone with a bill of  only $21.

At this point it was 5 PM and I called it a day.  Tomorrow I will finish re-configuring the tree fencing and erecting security fencing along a neighbours fence line at the rear 1/3 of the property where I will be building the block wall.  This will have to be easily removable in sections to allow work on the wall in the evenings, once I get started on construction, and then replacement at the end of each evening. Why needed at all at this location is beyond the neighbours and my logic but alas we obey!

I realized I missed one point in last night’s posting.  I am very thankful the District gave me a reprieve till Monday before pulling out the fine book.

This morning, Andre from Craigslist also came by for his second load of ship-lap and 2×4’s.  He even took the 2×6’s I had used to move the shipping container, that were lathered in VegOil. This is just a fraction of the wood I have salvaged from the house and given away (Andre took a load like this yesterday as well and there have been several others).  This has allowed the diversion of tons of material from the landfill.   Pickups are even better than the green waste as they are reusing the product without any further refinement or processing.  Andre is planning a large greenhouse build.

Andre - Loaded up with ship-lap and 2x4's
Andre – Loaded up with ship-lap and 2×4’s. Notice my new construction fencing in the back-ground!

Thanks for the visit.

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