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So far so good

Progress has continued at a reasonable to even a good pace.

Saturday saw the balance of the garage south wall and most of the west wall ICF modules placed. Ted had come by in the afternoon which was fortuitous as it led to a conversation about door openings. I realized I had not allowed for one on the west wall of the garage when laying out the ICF modules (which is needed to access the ‘cold’ room under the garage), and more importantly, that I had not allowed enough room to account for the door frames on the door I had already laid out on the north wall. It was dark and cold and so we called it a day.

Sunday was not a ‘work’ day but I did work on the project. I am now much closer to having time lapse videos from the roving cam from the beginning and will try to finish these and post by the end of the week. The Street and Shed cam videos will take a bit longer. On the camera front, the replacement shed cam left Ontario (I believe) today and I should;d also have the container cam back up by the weekend.

Monday saw the adjustment of the garage west wall to now include the needed doorway, the adjustment of the north wall doorway to accommodate the door frame thickness, and the final blocks placed on the east wall near the bottom of ramp (except for a gap that will allow Alfie to escape in the next week or so. He will get a tow up the ramp as soon as I am sure he is not needed in the pit any longer).

Today saw the start of laying out the internal footings (see drawing if interested). This involved roughly identifying location with marking paint and then using Alfie to scrape up enough gravel from the surrounding areas to build up the pads that the footings will lay on to the correct elevations. I finished levelling the gravel for the west interior footing and got about 50% of the middle interior footing.  I should finish this and the east footing some time tomorrow.  I then need to build the footing forms out of XPS which I do not have on site yet (I will have an announcement soon regarding the XPS supply).

While waiting for the XPS I will proceed on the exterior footings. I need to attach the bag footings to the bottom of the ICF module and also mark the location where the dowels will be placed.  I may also try to find a way to suspend these in place prior to pouring to save the work needed during pouring.  Anyone have any ideas on an easy way to do this. Finally I also need plastic covers over the ICF modules to protect from rain (so blocks dry out before placing concrete and to keep water pooling in forms once I install the bag footings).

If all goes well and I can secure the XPS, we will have finished footing forms by early next week.

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