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Grateful for Sponsors

Hi Folks,

Hope you are all staying healthy and maintaining social distance.

I am pleased to advise that things have been progressing well at site.  Since your last visit I have completed the installation of the cabling between all of my main and second floor general receptacle box circuits and also started the installation of the upper hall bathroom tub.

I will have more on this in a future update, but for now I want to take an opportunity to thank two more companies who have graciously and generously agreed to support theEnclosure, as I alluded to in my last update.

The first company I want to acknowledge is Avis Electronics who generously provided one of their waterproof tv’s for me to install in my Master Ensuite.  The AVS270SM is a 27″ High Definition LED Panel with a waterproof installation. Here is my unboxing of the product.

I am grateful to Maxim for his generosity in supplying this demo and look forward to providing you an update on its installation and operation.

Then today was like Christmas in May, as I unpacked many boxes, each with a special treat inside. Today I received my Leviton 66 Circuit 200A Load Center and smart breakers. Here is a video covering the unboxing of the panel.

I will provide a follow up video showing the installation of the panel in the near future. I am very grateful to Rod at Leviton for making this all possible and allowing me the opportunity to afford their great new smart load center.

Well that’s it folks.  By my next update I hope to be working on my light circuits once I have received some clarifications from my electrical inspector.

Take care of each other and stay safe.

As always – thanks for visiting.

“Aim to make a difference in someone’s life every single day, including your own.” —Doe Zantamata  Author

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