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Well – I decided I had to at least try to fix the tarp and re-raise it.  I just cannot accept building a house that would be saturated for months.  I spent the better part of the day fixing the main tear and re-rigging one of the connection points.  As I started to raise it back up, I noticed the tear was threatening to open up again, so I let it back down and will need to screw a cleat across the tear at the edge to provide the needed strength (think stitches).

Then this afternoon I had my first visit from Work Safe.  They have a job to do and I will try to be as patient as possible with the process. But some of their concerns were a bit far fetched (tarp would pull the cedar tree down) or had nothing at all to do with safety (material being used for structural back-fill at bottom of pit).  I will be receiving an email with their concerns outlined.  Most of it should be fine, but I do need to get the Geotech back to do a end of excavation inspection and provide specifics on bank protection, site deliveries, and to sign off on the lock blocks.

Tomorrow will be more time on the tarp so it can hopefully be at least partially raised by lunch Saturday when I have to head out of town till Monday afternoon to visit friends in Penticton,

Wish me well and thanks for visiting.


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