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We have liftoff!

Very short note today.

I can report that my permit application was accepted yesterday with very little fanfare.

I am so great-full for Tacoma and especially Heather for the huge effort getting the engineering package ready for yesterday’s deadline.  A special thanks also goes out to Eric at Triforce for getting my floor truss package in order.  Without the efforts of these two individuals, I would have never made the cut-off.

Finally, I want to thank Murray Frank of Constructive Home Solutions and Jun’ichi Jensen, Senior Codes Administrator for BC, for weighing in on an interpretation of the Braced Wall Panel density requirements.

I have been advised that I will have a relatively fast permit turnaround and so I now become the bottleneck in the process.  Tasks have not overlapped to the extent I had hoped and most of the purging I did over the last few weeks should have been done before we moved out, but that time was spent engineering and drawing.  So instead of taking down the house, I have been purging and drawing.  End result, I am at least 2 months behind at this point.

Ideally I would take the weekend off to recharge and regroup (not to mention clean our suite), but the Asbestos remediation starts Monday so I have to get rid of all the scrap metal and finish off taking out all the light fixtures and trims in the house.

Thanks for visiting.

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