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Moving Day - Part 2

While we moved into our basement suite on March 2, the vast majority of our stuff was left behind in the old house.  I have been working on the stuff that was left over the last 2 months and today, most of this effort came to a close.

We have given a LOT of stuff away on and the free section of Craigslist.   I have also put a lot of stuff out beside the road where it has generally disappeared. Finally I took pretty much a full closet of clothes and several boxes of house wares to the Thrift Shop.


Figure 1: To date I have posted 69 Craiglist ads!

While it is hard for me to get rid of things I think I will one day need, I just do not have room to store all of the stuff and it has felt better than expected to purge!  Even if the item was something I knew we would need, if the value was relatively low I thought why not help out those that may be less fortunate than I.

This process took a lot longer than expected because I generally abandoned working on it while I was figuring out if the project was going to continue (about 4 weeks), and then when I did get back to the task, I was not just packing stuff up, but also going through everything figuring what pile it went into (trash, suite, shop, storage, give away).  Most of this was accomplished over the last week culminating into the big move to the storage locker today.

Figure 2: Trip 1
Figure 3: Trip 2
Figure 4: How to fit half a kitchen of cabinets and about 100 boxes and misc bulk items into a 80 sq ft and still have lots of room left over

Storage1 Storage2

Figure 5: Well Planned Storage Locker

A tip for those moving, you can get free boxes from shoe and liquor stores.  These end up being very convenient because they tend to fit things better so that you are not needing a lot of packing material to protect the contents and they stack extremely well.  I used the shoe boxes for delicate items like kitchen items and the liquor boxes for heavy items like books.  As you can get an unlimited supply, you will be surprised at how convenient they are.  The biggest benefit is that none of the boxes will be too heavy to lift!

Figure 6: Liquor store and shoes boxes stack well and can fit into small spaces including the inside of used kitchen cabinets waiting for a new house.

Other than stuff that has to go to the shop out back or piles of stuff to go to the recycling centre, the house is basically empty except for some final sorting to do in the utility room which I hope to complete in the next few evenings.  Tomorrow I should be able to start with the DESTRUCTION!




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