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Not all that it is cracked up to be!

I had my three week check up with the surgeon at the cast clinic today and got quite a shock.  Part of the procedure was to get a new XRay and this time I was able to see the results.  What I had previously understood was only a hair line fracture was actually the complete fracture off of about 20-30% of my humeral head.

I took this quick screen shot of my XRay results while at the Lions Gate Hospital Cast clinic today.
I took this quick screen shot of my XRay results while at the Lions Gate Hospital Cast clinic today.

The official terminology is ‘Non-Displaced Greater Tuberosity Fracture‘. This is an extremely key part of the arm mechanics where the supraspinatus and infraspinatus rotator cuff muscles attach.

I am now feeling extremely grateful that this was not much much worse and requiring surgery!  It looks like I probably ‘reset’ the fracture when I crashed to the ground meaning it was in a non-displaced location right from the beginning.

With the muscles that are attached, there is a high risk of displacing after the fracture if you are not careful and I am very lucky I have not had a displacement considering the activities I have been doing since the fall.  I will need to be a LOT more careful going forward and always wear the sling and ensuring I do not try to raise my upper arm at all!

I have booked physio with Jay Inouye at Bloom Family Wellness (where I also see Karen and more recently Sommer for my massage therapy) starting after my 6 week milestone.  Jay is apparently legendary in the sport injury field so I am sure he will be able to get me ship shape in short order.

Fortunately, I have been FAIRLY careful this week when at the job site, but my activities on Wednesday probably pushed the envelope (even more than framing a wall did).  Ted came by and together we took turns using a bushing bit and angle grinder to knock down some high spots in the last two internal footings.  I had about 2ft on both that was too high.  On the one, we took off from a skim coat to about 1/4″ and on the last one we took off up to 1.25″ .  The last footing was weird, it was like the entire form work had floated up at one end.  It happens to be where we started the footing pour, but I am not sure that had anything to do with it.  After the footings were level we went for a lumber run and called it a day.  I was generally using only one hand for most activities but did steady both tools with my left.  Add in the vibration of the tools and this was probably not a smart move that fortunately I got away with.

Today was a on the road day visiting a good friend for breakfast at Tour de Feast.  This is a new spot I recently found on the North Shore and the food is DELISH!!!  We both had the Cassoulet.  It was pure awesomeness!

I spent the rest of the day on the road attending the surgeon follow up, buying more construction supplies, and trying to solve a network error I have at the job site.  My wireless access point/LAN bridge has decided to be as flaky as a lard filled pie crust.  SO until I have this solved, the sites web-cams will be sporadic.  I will try to come up with a solution tomorrow.

I will try to CAREFULLY push through and finish off the final bearing wall in the basement over the next few days and then can start laying out and attaching the hangers for all of the floor trusses.  I will then hire a guy to move the insulation off the driveway and into the ‘hole’ and move some more gravel.  Once that is complete, I need to put the rubber tracks on Alfie and un-stack the floor truss pack before hiring a couple of guys to spend a day placing the floor trusses and composite beams for the first storey floor assembly.  I will then have Standard Building Supply deliver some plywood right to the deck and by the end of next week, I hope to have the floor in place.

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