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Just a quick note – the First and Second Floor Indoor Roving Cams will be offline for approximately the next 3 weeks as I finish the preparation for drywall, including removing electrical receptacles and de-energizing all non essential power circuits.

Drywall is being delivered tomorrow at 7:30 AM and the crew start Wednesday at 7 AM.

I would be excited but with 12 hour days recently and 60+ hour weeks for months, I am far too tired to react 🙁

Hopefully seeing the wallboard go on will provide some much needed rejuvenation to push this project to the end.

On a more upbeat note – my live birdhouse stream is running on my YouTube channel (if link does not work – just go to the channel to see the days live feed as I am shutting it down during the night till the eggs are laid).  Eggs should arrive in next 2-5 days.

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