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One Armed Bandit

Yesterday was the first day back to the site since my shoulder injury 2 weeks ago today.  I was pushed to be productive by Ted who came by to lend a hand (or two).

The next task was to level out one of the internal footings that had settled before the pour, so Ted graciously agreed to go with me and pick up some sacks of non-shrinking grout and bring them down into the pit for me.

While it was not a long day in terms of hours, we were able to form up and pour the cap on the footing (varied between a skim coat and 3/8″), and by the end of the day I was done.  Not being at all active and in constant pain for 2 weeks can really take the stuffing out of you.

Today I will meet with Graham from RDH and Jason from SMT to discuss the various building science labs I will be including in this dwelling.  In addition to the above grade building science lab, I also have incorporated 2 different labs into the foundation, and will now also be doing a lab within the floor slab showing the rates of deflection for various sub-slab insulation strategies.

Over the next few days I will gradually transition to framing the basement.  I have figured out a way to allow me to frame the walls with the one arm and will reserve hiring labour for the bigger task of placing the floor trusses and plywood sheathing.

Even with only one arm, I am still able to mix mud like no one's business.
Even with only one arm, I am still able to mix mud like no one’s business.

This should all be an interesting ride.

I am comforted knowing that when I am away from site, Blackberry has my back and is performing regular patrols.  Notice he disappears of the left side of screen and then reappears on the right side a minute or so later.  He has navigated the entire perimeter of the foundation top curb!

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” —Mary Anne Radmacher

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