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Quick Update

Hey Folks

Just a quick update.  I have been meaning to provide a site update for the last two weeks, but life keeps getting in the way.  Today, it was my Outlook PST file corrupting because of some network issues I am having.  My life is in Outlook, so I have been working all day on a repair solution, and hope I am about an hour away from a success.

I have been progressing well on the electrical at site and WILL update you soon. Here is an image to prove I HAVE been working.

Partially roughed-in Leviton Load Center

I did want to let you know about a time sensitive update.  I had been battling the Northern Flicker woodpeckers for a couple of years now.  They seemed determined to make a home in my exposed mineral wool insulation.  This year they also starting working a hole through my BRAND NEW SIDING!  Fortunately, it is at the very top of the north wall where the only person who will ever see it is my neighbour.

After trying several deterrents, I decided if I cannot drive them away, then maybe I can concentrate their attention where I want it.  I built a birdhouse and placed it right over one of the spots in the exposed insulation at the front of the house where they repeatedly attacked.  It worked!

And to make a long storey short, the parents are expecting the hatching of their 6 eggs in the next 24-48 hours (if I correctly estimated when the eggs were laid). I invested in a small camera meant for the inside of birdhouses and am livestreaming the feed to my YouTube channel.  You can view their emergence into this world live.

Should be a good show.

I also have installed 2 additional indoor roving cameras.  Now that I am working on all three floors at the same time, it was just too difficult to move a single camera around.  Even with three cameras, I am afraid that you will often be viewing from afar.  The nature of electrical rough-in is that you are EVERYWHERE at the same time as you run circuits back to the panel.

But please do check out the new video channels.  There is now a Roving Interior First, Second, and Basement.

Many thanks to Conor at Honeycomb Creative for adding these cameras to the site menu and more importantly, rewriting code I had provide years ago to run the image refreshing.  You should now see the ‘video’ images refreshing quicker giving a better overall watching experience.

I also managed to squeeze out some time to create another exterior roving cam time-lapse video a few weeks back.  Here it is, in case you missed it.

As always – thanks for visiting!

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