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Roof Gone

Well at least some of the roof is gone. Sunday AM was a trip to the dump to get rid of the green waste followed by an afternoon of stripping shingles off the back side of the house in the areas I want to first take down so I can move the shipping container to the front yard.

I then had a very unproductive evening trying to reconfigure my Wireless LAN bridge per EnGenius instructions. The end result is that I had to undo all of it today because it just did not work in their recommended configuration.

This morning I headed out early to the Eco Landfill where I dropped off 780 Kg of clean shingles for only $33. Not only is this $50 cheaper than just taking it to the North Vancouver transfer station, but the shingles will also eventually be ground up and used for admixture in asphalt roads.

Full trailer full of shingles from back roof ready for trip to Eco Landfill
Full trailer full of shingles from back roof ready for trip to Eco Landfill
My load hardly mad a bump in the huge mound behind.
My load hardly mad a bump in the huge mound behind.

The nice thing about dropping these off myself is that I know they ended up at the right place.  Recently my neighbour had a roof replaced and the vendor advised they would recycle the shingles.  When I asked where they were taking them, they advised they just take them to the transfer station and they are sorted there.  As a person who is very well versed with the workings of the transfer station (I have been there 138 times per my accounting software), I can advise that this is utter bunk and yet another example of green washing.

I then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon resetting the network back to the original configuration.  After a quick lunch with a neighbour, I decided I really was done and needed a nap.  Unfortunately I stopped at the computer first and ended up answering and sending out a whole bunch of emails.  I also was still having problems with the roving cam and took forever to figure out that my IP forwarding service had effectively been shut down by Microsoft. So I had to change services.  Then when I updated the IP on my site, the image stopped refreshing.  Will need to check with my programmer on Wednesday.

After a couple of hours of this I decided I really needed to get back to work and so stripped the roofing off the front of the house – again, only the areas I need to do now.  I need to ensure that the master bedroom to the north and garage to the south still stay dry as they still have stuff inside that will go into the shipping container once it is moved.

I finished off the evening by emptying the majority of the stuff that was remaining in the attic.  This was mainly wood that was either already up there when I bought the house.  I will keep some of this for shop projects and the rest will go to green waste.

60 years worth of junk removed from attic
60 years worth of junk removed from attic

Tomorrow I hope to start taking down the roof structure and Eric will be by again to help pull nails from salvaged material – awesome!

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