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Well today was a wash.  Nothing like 3″ of rain to ruin your plans for the day.

Instead of finishing the sand fill over the teck cable and starting on the internal footings, I spent the day on emergency storm water duty.  I awoke this morning to a friend, who after looking at my webcams, sent an email stating I better have hip waiters.  While it was not that deep, the water had crested above the gravel in all of the low spots including about 8″ over the teck cable trench.

I also had a LOT of water coming down the ramp from the driveway again, with the concerning part being that a lot of this water was below the plastic and saturating the ramp dirt once more. So one of the emergency tasks was to dig a trench at the top of the ramp and line with plastic that went from the trench and overlapped the existing plastic on the ramp.  Once the trench was back filled, this forced all surface water to once again flow over, instead of under the plastic.

I also had to re-activate two pumps so that all three were operational.  While the problem did not get any worse than this morning (I continuously was checking the time lapse for movement in the water levels), I did not see any significant draining occur until about 4PM and the day was a bust.

Obviously I could not fill a trench that was under water, but the repeated visits to site to adjust, or check on the pumps, also prevented any meaningful office work getting done (not to mention soaked every piece of clothing I had). Fortunately, they are only calling for another 1.5″ before it starts to clear up.

What is a bit concerning is the number of times things happen after I speculate or gloat about them.  No sooner had I asked for the rain instead of snow stating that I had the rain and wind beat – we had a massive wind storm that took the tarp  out.  And this week I had jokingly mentioned to my wife and neighbor, “If the pit ever floods I am going to go swimming in it”.  It is almost like the ghost busters movie where you were not supposed to think of anything bad and the fellow thinks of a giant marshmallow ghost, and guess what appears.  I am going to have to keep my mouth shut.

Lets see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for visiting.

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