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ShedCam Time-lapse Videos Complete - Finally

I finally put aside some time today (was too smokey to go outside due to the forest fires in the region) to start going through 10’s of thousands of time-lapse images I have been collecting from the various webcams.  My Roving cam was fairly up-to-date, but I had not started the Shed or Tree cams. So I spent the day on the shed cam and have uploaded the following to my YouTube Chanel.

I have to admit that the review today was a bit depressing.  I really struggled last October and November with storm water management and my desperation to cover the job site with a tarp.

Watching all of this over again, has given me an appreciation for how far I have come and also a realization of the many mistakes I have made along the way.

Can’t say I am anything if not persistent!

Enjoy the videos and thanks for visiting.

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