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A tragedy

I was informed last night that the person I have hired for the excavation had a close family member pass away yesterday.  My heartfelt condolences go out to Parm and his family.

As a result, Parm was understandably off line today and unable to bring a truck by to load with concrete.  So I used the time to consolidate the concrete into one pile, and also loaded the trailer with one of the last green waste and rubbish loads.

Finally I also consolidated all of the general rubbish on the site too small to pick up, into a pile with the tractor.  This will go out as a small truck load and consists of broken brick, small bits of concrete, splinters and small pieces of wood, plywood, tile, siding, etc.   This was work I generally was going to do early next week, and have only been able to do today because Williams Machinery hooked me up with a loner machine.  I am so thankful for their generosity!

The site in now basically flat and rubbish free.  All parts of the house have been cleared away and separated into waste, give away, and keep. Once the concrete is gone, the original footprint will be totally clear.

I also keep forgetting to mention that Eric, my father in law, was around most of the week de-nailing and stacking lumber. He helped out Tuesday through Friday.  His assistance has been invaluable and I am very appreciative.  I would not have been able to salvage as much material without his help and having the wood de-nailed before it is stacked has been WONDERFUL.  I also had a helping hand from Gail on Tuesday.

Gordon, one of my regular Craigslisters also stopped by today and picked up the final ship-lap I had available.   Later in the day, I also had a fellow come by and pick up all of the shorter 2x material to use as firewood.  A couple of days ago, someone came and took several more of the windows.  I now only have a small pile of longer 2x material and a small selection of windows.  I have not had to take any salvaged materials to the dump to date!

This evening, I also worked on setting up the tree blocking I will use to protect them from the cable I will use for the tarp support.  I am hoping that Sean from Burley Boys will come by soon and install the blocking and hang the cable.

Tomorrow I will work in the office and also try to move the salvaged siding to a permanent storage spot where it will be out of the way.  Of course this will be done quietly since it is Sunday.  I also need to do some maintenance on the truck, so we will see what all gets done.

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