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A walk down memory lane.

This morning I headed out to the EcoDump in Richmond to drop off another load of shingles.  On the way out I noticed a big excavator at the house beside where I grew up.  On the way back I stopped in and asked if I could look around before it was torn down.  The workman said sure.  I then met the people who own the property I grew up on and after introducing myself, they gave me permission to look around their yard as well.  The last time I had stepped onto either of these properties was February 1988.  It effected me in a way I am still unable to describe.  I know it brought about strong emotions, but I am not sure which emotions they were.  This was after-all where I grew up.  It was an era that basically came to a faily abrupt halt when I moved away in 1988.  I keep in touch with the people that were my neighbours to the North to this day (they are now in Penticton) , but I never went back to see the Willkomms that lived to the south and I regret that because I have so much to thank them for.

Warning – this will be boring to all except those that grew up on 6rd  with me or knew me at that time.

This meant I did not start at the job site till after lunch, but the delay was well worth the opportunity.  This afternoon I stripped off the balance of the shingles, and then stripped most of the ship-lap off the roof (just some left on the garage that is more difficult to get to), and then removed the roof structure on the north annex.  I also pushed over the balance of the chimney.  At 6:00 I was calling it a day, but Bahman my landlord said he was coming at 7:30 PM to work whether I was there or not.  So I went back at 8:30 PM to do some site cleanup including loading green waste wood into the trailer while Bahman stacked all of the removed ship-lap by the road for the Craigslist respondents.

Was not completely what I wanted to get done today, but much closer than previous days and considering the very late start – a very good effort.

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