Project Journal

This and That

October 6, 2019
While some of the promised updates are involved and will require their own detailed posts, I will try to take care of some of the others here. Alfie Broken Wrist A couple of days after wrangling the remains of the tree stump out of the ground (see timbe

Featuring Nichiha

September 29, 2019
I am thrilled to announce Nichiha USA as the latest manufacturer to become a partner of theEnclosure. From the beginning of this build, I wanted some form of feature walls at the front of  dwelling to provide architectural interest. It was still however


September 16, 2019
Well this is not a surprise - I brought about 6 times the amount of work on my holidays than I was actually able to complete. But this did mean I had more down time than planned, which I guess is a good thing. One thing that definitely suffered was my pl

Italian Import – English Luxury

August 20, 2019
Well folks, I am taking my first vacation in over 7 years. Since beginning this epic adventure to design and build my own house, I have generally been working 7 days a week. But of late, even with 7 days, I struggled to get a full 40 hours of productive w

Wool Cap Complete

June 12, 2019
Hey folks, Time for my next monthly update (relieved it is only 2 days late, as time seems to have a habit of getting away from me). I had actually finished insulating the main dwelling roof assemblies just prior to my last update, but it was alread

5 Years … and Counting!

May 10, 2019
Well folks, on May 12, it will officially be 5 years since I started this crazy project. What was I thinking ? I thought it would be fun to see what I was doing on May 12 for each of the years I have been at it. [caption id="attachment_662" align="a

First Flush

April 19, 2019
As usual, it has been too long since my last update. 🤷   While, I did not finish the insulating of the north roof by the first weekend of March as promised in my last update, I did finish it by the following weekend. Main reason for delay was that

Wool Cap Progress

February 25, 2019
I have been making some reasonable progress on the Mineral Wool Cap for this dwelling.  The roof assembly contains 18" of ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT®  for an effective R63.  By the end of this week I will have the north half of the roof assembly completely

Gas Service Installation

January 27, 2019
As mentioned in an earlier post, I have changed my plans to not bring a natural gas service into the property. We will not utilize gas for the heating system and instead plan to install an Air to Water Exterior Heat Pump which can be as high as 400% ef

Roof Insulation Package Arrived

January 20, 2019
On Friday, I received the 8 skids of ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT® that represent the roof insulation package. The product came directly from ROCKWOOL via train to Convoy Supply (they have a rail spur at their Coquitlam location for unloading) and then was lo

Final Lap – We Hope!

January 13, 2019
Happy New Year First, Happy New Year to all in Internet Land, hope everyone had a great Christmas. Sorry Folks - I know it has again been a way too long since my last update! I've had a lot on my plate, and have been running on fumes lately, so the la