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Just another quick note tonight.

There were several times today when I felt like I was out of my league and wondering what I was doing.  I felt like things were going to fall apart (literally – I thought the tarp would come down and waste the week of effort and couple of thousand dollars putting it up).  I disparaged when I could not drive the big excavator and wondered how that was going to effect the timing of the excavation and cost. Even this evening I ended up with Alfie on the top of a very large pile of dirt (7-8ft) with very steep sides and did not think I was going to get him back down to grade (I chickened out part way down a couple of times and backed up back up to the top).

But in each case I just put me head down and tried my best at each step of the way and in the end, that is all that is really required.  Be brave, do your best, and accept that sometimes you will fail and will need to deal with it and move on.

Oh ya – and do not forget to ask for help when you need it!

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