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Rip-Roaring Time

Well today started out so well (even though I was only working with 4-5 hours of sleep).  I go an early start and was making excellent progress in cutting back away from Ron’s house footings, undercutting by the NW tree, and generally getting to the bottom of the excavation in the first quadrant.  I used both Alfie and the Big Girl as I have term Parm’s machine.  I am getting a bit better versed using the caterpillar joystick controls.

Parm than called just before 3 PM and said he was coming to get a load.  On arrival he was very impressed with the progress I had made since he left and got to work filling the truck.  Things were going great until he got frustrated with the amount of rocks were he was digging and went looking for ‘virgin’ ground.  The problem is that he started digging on a spot he was not supposed to until Tue/Wed which would be after I was able to get that side of the trap lifted.  And unfortunately I was off doing something else at the time and was not able to re-direct him in time away from this area.

The net result is that I heard a big rip and ran out to see a 8ft x 10ft hole in my nice new tarp.  Parm felt horrible and I was devastated and really not impressed with my friend Parm at that point.  Now I have to see if we can have the tarp patched, and if so – can they do it on site (I would lower to grade).  Otherwise I will have to take the whole thing down and replace it or have it repaired.  If it has to come down, the question will be when.  Should I use it as is until I have the foundations complete and first floor framed.  Based on its location, most of the rain water will still go around this spot.  Then the question is, if the tarp is left in this condition for any length of time, will it self-destruct in the first wind?

I will still have Sean from Burley Boys raise the tarp this weekend as this will need to be done anyway. But beyond that I will need to wait till the tarp vendor opens on Tuesday.

Gaping hole in tarp
Gaping hole in tarp

As my neighbour Ron would say ‘Poor – Very Poor!’

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