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Alfie is free!

Today Alfie finally gained his freedom from the pit.  I hired Payless Towing to assist in Alfie’s extraction from the pit.  It only took about 5 minutes but was a very tense time.  The ramp slope was one thing, but with half the ramp washed out, it was now slightly too narrow and there was a strong urge for Alfie to tip sideways into the pit.  About halfway up, I could tell that things were getting precarious (I was inside ‘driving’ it up) and had the tow operator hold up and attach a second cable to the window jamb of the cab to prevent Alfie and I from tipping over.   A few minutes later and we were both safe and sound.

Alfie at the most precarious position while climbing the ramp
Alfie at the most precarious position while climbing the ramp.

The rest of the day was spent installing more of the bag footings.  Along with last Thursday (Friday was an all day seminar), I now have the footing bags installed on all exterior footings except at the bottom of the ramp.  I also hired a labourer today to dig the trench for the 200A teck cable that will feed my main panel (my main panel will be in the centre of the house so that my circuit runs are generally as short as possible.  I will place a personal power pole near the property line and install the meter on this pole.  The teck will run from the meter right to the panel in the basement).

Tomorrow after a visit to a back clinic, I will pick up the plumbing materials needed to install the sub-slab drainage that will be below or incorporated into the footings.  Once I get this and the teck cable installation inspected, I will then start work on fabricating the foam forms for the internal footings.  Hopefully this will all be done in time for Friday’s engineering inspection.

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