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As feared, I succumbed yet again to illness. This has been a very unusual time for me.  I have not been sick like this since the mid 90’s and even then I would only get sick once and not back to back like this.  It is clear my immune system is very week which I attribute to living in a basement suite with carpet (the old house did not have any carpet – neither will the new one) and possibly hidden mould. I started to go down on Friday and by Saturday afternoon I was thoroughly hooped. This time it was a more pronounced chest cough and a throat that felt like I there was a thousand razor blades every time I swallowed.  This along with the new back pain pills produced very little sleep all weekend.

I did force some production on Saturday AM and went out to Surrey to pick up the XPS I need for below the internal footings. I also forced some time on Sunday and worked on creating plumbing plans needed to apply for the permit. I finished the plans by Monday afternoon before heading of to the doc.

One positive outcome of the docs visit was that I had permission to start and stop the back meds at will, so I stopped both and actually had a reasonable sleep Monday night. I will now wait a few days before taking one of the two pills to find out which one is keeping me awake at night and then hopefully find an alternative.

Tuesday AM, I went down and got the plumbing permit.  The inspector said he would approve me doing the work (and therefor me getting the permit) but that when he told me to change something I was not to argue.  Gee – do you think I have a reputation at District hall or something :-).  While at the hall I also clarified with the electrical inspector that the buried tech cable below the slab has to be below the granular layer in a bed of sand. That about did me in and I spent the rest of the day resting and sleeping.  My throat was still raging soar but the cough had settled down a bit.

Today the stress of things not getting down overcome my need for rest and I worked most of the day at the pit.  I started attaching the bag footings to the bottom of the ICF blocks.  This is fairly straight forward and did not take much time once I figured out the right lines printed on the fabric to align to (it was not intuitive and I had to start over the first section).  The process of taping the seems while each side of the seam is attached to the blocks proved very time consuming and after doing the first few seems that way, I graduated to taping the seams before I placed and attached the FabForm to the ICF.   This method was aided even further by stapling the ends of the seams to a stick first providing a flat surface to get a really good tape bond. As this has to be a waterproof system, taking the extra time now is worth the effort.  I am only seeming at corners and Tee intersections.  Routing the fabric form under the ICF modules was made more difficult by the structure holding the ICF in place, but there really was no other way to do this.  I would have had to lay out the fabric before pounding in the stakes to make it at all easier and back then it would have been very hard to get the right dimensions.

Stapling the seams to a stick greatly increased productivity and the quality of the tape job.
Stapling the seams to a stick greatly increased productivity and the quality of the tape job.

Of course today was sans any significant meds and I REALLY felt my angry back and I contorted to all kinds of positions to staple the fabric on.  Hopefully I can endure and find a med and treatment regime that keeps me maintain reasonable pain levels going forward.

I am pleased to annonce that I have FINALLY have the first of what will be many time lapse videos documenting my project.  The first video is from May 2014 from the perspective of the roving cam.  May 2014 Video

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