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Calm before the storm

Today was a generally low key day.  It started at 11 when a nice chap came by to pick up some plywood.  I then worked on the site cleaning up and stacking lumber.  I figured out the space needed for the 21 skids and will just have enough after some brief tractor work in the morning to level a bit more area.  If I had even one more skid, I would have been in trouble for space, so it has worked out perfectly.

Ron and I did a green waste run with mainly the rose trimmings and then of course stopped at Tim’s on the way home.  Once we got back the afternoon was gone and I was done as it was another hot one today (inside of my storage container was over 90º F).

Later in the evening, Gordon – one of my regular Craigslist respondents – answered my last chance call out to all of the previous people who had expressed interest in the free wood.  He took ALL of the ship-lap which was awesome.  Now I do not have to take the time to take it to the green-waste dump.

To date I have given away all of the ship-lap that managed to come off the house reasonably intact.  This included some from the floors, and about 80% plus of the wall and roof material.  This represents a HUGE diversion from the landfill and goes a long way to making this new build a much lower embodied energy dwelling than just about any ‘green’ house.  All the low VOC paint, sustainable harvest floors, efficient heating systems pail in comparison with just not throwing something out in the first place.  If there is any visitors out there that are well versed on calculating embodied energy and want to make a case study of my project, I would love to collaborate with you.

IMG-20140804-00462 IMG-20140804-00463

It was a full load!  Gord has been building a cabin just across the border and will use this for sheathing.

Your author sporting the hot day - bush man look
Your author sporting the hot day – bush man look

Thanks for the visit.

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