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House is down!

Almost three months after starting this process with the removal of the kitchen cabinets, I can officially say that today at 4:12 PM, the house was officially and completely down.

I spent the morning finishing the preparations for the storage area of the 21 skids of ICF block and then started work on dismantling the last wall that I had pulled down late last week.  This was down around 3:20 PM and had 45 minutes before I had to get ready for an appointment so though “why not – lets get her done”.  I proceeded to pull up the sub-floor and then I ripped out the final footings and concrete slab.

I will feel that the house is officially gone when I get rid of the concrete and have all of the salvaged wood processed and stacked away.

The assembled structure is no more!
The assembled structure is no more!

In other news, my shipment from back east continues to be cursed.  The skids of ICF were to be picked up mid morning and delivered by the afternoon.  Unfortunately, the carrier had an equipment breakdown.  He planned on picking up the goods from Richmond with a tractor trailer and bringing to their yard in Coquitlam and then delivering to North van tomorrow evening or later.  I did not get confirmation, so lets hope they got picked up and I do not get saddled with storage charges. I will be relieved when the blocks get here safe and sound.

The rest of the week will entail cleaning up the site making room for the excavation and doing basic layouts.  I have asked the surveyor to come late in the week to mark out the corners.  I have also asked the arborist to come late in the week to setup the supporting cable for the tarp.  It should be a busy week.

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