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Hey folks,

Just a short update.  I finally got around to creating some more time lapse videos of the construction.  I was shocked to see that I was over a year behind.  I think this shows just how crazy 2017 was for me.

At the site, I have now finished the rough-in installation of the HRV ducts.  My consultant was very happy with what he saw, so now I will disassemble the system so that I can seal all seams and gores prior to re-assembly.  I will be targeting zero leakage from the system once installed so that air will get to where it is intended to go in the most efficient way manner possible.

With the ducting laid out for the top floor, I was able to build the final interior walls on the top floor to create the closets between the 4 bedrooms.  These walls were left till last because they hide the vertical risers for the HRV air supplies to the bedrooms.

HRV risers nicely tuck into the walls between the bedroom back to back closets

I also have some promising leads on a solution to my engineered exterior envelope requirement.  I do not want to jinx it so will share details after it is resolved.

Thanks for visiting.

“Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” —Louis “Lou” Holtz (born 1937) American Football Coach

“We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.” —Tobias Wolff (born 1945) Author

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” —Robert J. Collier (1876-1918) Writer

Below are the recently created YouTube videos.  I will have some more soon showing activities inside the house:

Indoor Roving – December 2016

Indoor Roving Cam – Window Rough Opening Prep and Install of Cascadia Triple Pane Fibreglass frame Windows

Indoor Roving Cam – Frame main stairs and 2nd Floor Interior Walls

Indoor Roving Cam – Plumbing ABS Drain Lines

Indoor Roving Cam – Support Activities for Exterior Envelope Installation

ShedCam – Roof Framing and Window Installation

Exterior Roving Cam – Second Floor Roof Framing

Exterior Roving Cam– Window Installation

Exterior Roving Cam – Feb 2017 Work on Roof Fascias

Exterior Roving Cam – March 2017 Hook up permanent electrical supply

Exterior Roving Cam – May 2017 Install Office Door and Coupled Window

Rockwool ComfortBoard80 delivery

Exterior Roving Cam – Jun to Aug 2017 Exterior Insulation installation

Exterior Roving Cam 2017-08 Pre-Stain Coulson engineered cedar siding

Exterior Roving Cam – 2017-09 Envelope installation South and West elevations 1st Storey

Exterior Roving Cam – 2017-10 Envelope Installation NW corner, final Foundation waterproofing


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