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I have a hearing date and staff recommend approval!

Today was spent finally getting back to the task at hand – planning for a house build.  I have to put my worries about my Quickbooks files aside until I hear back from the data recovery company – something that is not easy for me.

I spent the morning coordinating the disconnection of the gas and electrical for the end of the month.  My plan is to have Hydro just swing the service cable from the house over to a temp power pole.  This saves time and a lot of money coming in at only $306 + tax.  If they have to disconnect the service and come back another time to run a new line to the temp, I believe it is $1000 or more.  The hydro will not happen until I install a temp power pole, mast and panel and then have it inspected by the District.  I cannot do this until I get my tractor back from a major service (hope to get back this week).  The gas is now scheduled to be disconnected on the week of March 31.  There is a very good chance that gas will not be reconnected to the new house as I plan to use an Air Source Heat pump for my space and hot water heating.

It is pretty clear that I will be delayed a week so I requested to reschedule the sani/storm/and domestic water disconnects till after the 30th of March (was previously the 24th) to give me a bit more time.  I can still start dismantling parts of the house like the floors and siding as soon as I finish cleaning it out. As long as I do not do anything to disrupt the services or the structure of the house.

I then checked with the District to see if I finally had official staff approval of my variance application (see my blog entry). Not only had the official approval by staff happened, but I then got a call from my neighbour that he had received the notification package in the mail this morning and the application was set to be heard and deliberated on by Council next Monday evening. I will provide more of an update on the blog once I have been to the meeting.  I do not want to jinx anything at this point.  This was great news and a welcome relief after multiple delays on this application.

So today has ended on a bit of a positive note – about time.

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