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Did not think we would get here

Well folks – It took 12,540 hours over 6 years, 7 months and 11 days, but I have passed my framing inspection!

When the inspector left today, I did not know whether to laugh or cry, and did a bit of both.

This has been a very, very, long struggle for me to get to this point.

Early municipal roadblocks, storm and ground water battles, snow storms, a foundation from hell, a broken shoulder, herniated lumbar disks, a learning curve like no other, and lets not forget this nasty little virus messing up the supply chain and preventing me from hiring any casual labor to help inside the house – all did their best to beat me.

But in the end, my dogged stubbornness, and automated monotonous daily attack on the mammoth of a mountain in front of me, finally won out.

I have to admit, I really was not sure I was going to get here, everything just seemed to take SOOOO Long, quite frankly because it did.  My time estimates were a joke and continue to be to this day!

My cost estimates were even worse, and I do not care to admit what this is all costing us (especially since there is no labour included).  The only saving grace is that the cost of construction has risen sharply during this build, and we are still on track to save a trainload of cash by building it myself.

The next three to four months are going to be frantic, as I endeavour to get to the point where we would be granted conditional occupancy.

My immediate deadline, is a crew I have lined up to perform my stud bay and 1st floor ceiling insulating.  The insulation arrives from ROCKWOOL on Dec 29th and the crew will start the week of January 4th.  I am deeply grateful to ROCKWOOL for their continued support of my project over the last 7+ years (they came on as sponsors before I even started construction).  I would not have been able to achieve the phenomenal performance of my building enclosure without their support!

I have a pretty unachievable list of tasks that must be completed before this time, and will be working long hours till then if I have any hope of getting there (this week – which starts Saturday’s – has 36 hours and it is only Tuesday!).

My next major task, after finishing the insulation prep list, will be to install the hydronic ceiling heating/cooling system.  The Caleffi manifolds are on site, the Soprema SOPRA-ISO V ALU insulation will be delivered on the 29th, and the Radiant Design and Supply ThermoFin U Heat Transfer Plates should also arrive by the end of the year.

SO – we will see what the new year brings and if this build will be finally coming to end (at least so we can move in!)

Thanks for taking this journey with me all these years.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday and please stay safe!

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