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Well the below says it all! I passed my rough-in electrical inspection today!

I have been working on the electrical system, for the vast majority of my time at site, since late MAY!!!  There has been a lot that I have learned along the way, the last time I did permitted electrical work, three conductor circuits were common and Arc Fault protection was not yet required in code.  Boy have times changed.   Add to this, my complication of adding 12 and 24 DC Class 1 & 2 circuits running through the house (to hopefully reduce phantom loads), and the learning curve got pretty steep pretty fast.

Fortunately, my inspector had my back and was always willing to provide answers to the questions I was unable to find answer to elsewhere. For his assistance, I am truly grateful!

My nerves were shot leading up to today, as I stressed if there was something I did not know I had done wrong, and would have to rip out and do again.  I also need some allowances in order to install my lighting on the second floor that must fit into a 1.5″ service raceway.

Today ended up being anti-climatic when the inspection went so smoothly and quickly.

I have a few minor things to address (for instance, I was not thinking when I installed some of my junction boxes that will also be used for light switches, and I would have had an ugly finished look.  I just need to move the box back a bit and use a different raised cover plate so there will be a nice drywall finish around the switch).

I also need to change my plans for leaving basement unfinished till after occupancy.  I will need to come up with ways to protect the electrical cables from mechanical damage if I am not covering over with drywall (not sure what year this requirement came in).

But overall the inspector was quite satisfied and impressed, and now I can take a deep breath and relax (not too much, I still have an awfully long ways to go for occupancy).

I will now switch gears at the site and start completing all tasks needed to book my framing inspection now that I have passed all of the subtrade inspections.  I will provide a list of these tasks once I make it 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

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