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Fencing Duo

Today was all about fencing, both construction safety fencing and tree protection fencing.

The day started very early (for me on a Sunday) and I was at the computer at 8:00 AM editing and organizing photos.  You will have noticed I took my cameras off the system.  This was because there was no easy way to download the photos that was collecting, and as the system occupied the FTP function of the camera, there was no other way I could get these photos.  So I decided a few weeks back I would have to abandon their system in favour for a home grown version.  But I had about a months worth of images already on their servers that were really important for my time lapse, as the captured the beginnings of the exterior deconstruction of the house.

Adam @ agreed to zip up all of the photos and upload them to MY server where I could then download them to my local file server.  I did this last night (about 10K images) and then starting this morning, I started to go through and organize the images into days and delete the ones I did not want (because they really did not show anything – I had a high rate of false motion captures due to wind in trees). After about 4 hours of this, I accidentally PERMANENTLY deleted the directory that had all of the extracted pics in their directories AND also the zip files.  I had also already deleted them from the web server.  I panicked but was extremely relieved that last night the back up ran and I had at least the zip files.  At this point I thought it was probably a good idea to leave it and go to lunch.  I have had enough with computer issues – don’t you agree?

After lunch I started to build the final safety fencing along the neighbour to the south. This first entailed taking down the final roof joists from over the office area as I needed a couple to use as the top and bottom plate of the fence.  The safety fence took a couple of hours including the joist dismantle and then I moved on to the tree protection fencing.  An additional 4 hours saw the NW fencing complete and about 80% of the south fencing complete.  I had to reconfigure the gate around the temp electrical service which took some time.  The only thing left is to build a gate at the west side and close it up.

Will upload some pics tomorrow. In general I will be uploading a lot more pics to the photo gallery.  Just have not had the time to organize them and annotate them yet.

For now, I will leave you a pic of a friend who has improved your view.  I had a spider who was starting to build a nest in front of the street cam.  Then all of the sudden the spider was gone.  While going through images this morning, I came across this chick-a-Dee having a late night snack.

Chick-A-Dee eating spider
Chick-A-Dee eating spider

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