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We are finally legit!

This afternoon I finally finished the re-configuring of the tree protection fencing.  This has been an outstanding task since the root spading was done a week and a half ago.  This completes the last thing I believe was outstanding with the District and should make all parties happy.  Now that the shipping container was out of the way, I took the opportunity to extend the protected area to the west to lower the overall stress to the trees.

Final tree fencing panel and gate installed.
Final tree fencing panel and gate installed.

The newly limbed trees look great.  Burley Boys did an awesome job.  The extra light into my yard and the neighbours yards is impressive and being enjoyed by all.  I do miss the tree by the street and the extra full boar sun that it represents will be something we will need to address with the new house. I do hope to replace it with another tree but this time deciduous .  Maybe a maple??

In addition to the tree fencing I also took down the scaffold and did some general clean up in the yard this afternoon.  I also had a visit from a Craiglister picking up the concrete blocks that used to be the boiler chimney.  Today was brunch at the inlaws, so only a partial day on site.  I spent the morning sending out RFQ’s for the cement blocks, excavations, concrete recycling, and a request to Hydro to meet to discuss meter placement.

I estimate that I will need to remove 1000 yards of dirt from the site.  I have no top soil to speak of on site.  It was always poor and I have made it even worse with previous years tractor activities in back yard.  I plan to scrape off 2ft across the whole yard when I am done and bring in fresh good quality soil for all the planned flower gardens.  I am hoping to setup an arrangement with the excavation company where I will ‘rent’ their equipment and do the dig myself.  That way they would just need a truck and single driver which hopefully will save me a bunch of money.

Yesterday after my Saturday breakfast with Ron, we took a trip to the transfer station and dumped the very large pile of green waste generated from the scrap generated from the tear down of the garage and office and then a majority of the sub floor removed to date.

Sub floor and Garage/Office Scrap green Waste ready for dumping
Sub floor and Garage/Office Scrap green Waste ready for dumping
Looks much more impressive as a pile at the transfer station
Looks much more impressive as a pile at the transfer station

I then did not get back to the job-site till after lunch as I needed to address some errands.  I then had a surprise visit from my sister and her husband which was a nice treat.  For the rest of the afternoon I attacked more of the sub floor and slab. Gail was also there most of the afternoon loading the trailer up for the next green waste run.  At 4:30 We called it quits and I took Gail and Ron out for dinner as a small token of appreciation for all the hard work Gail has been doing on site.

I had hoped to get all the sub-floor and slab up, so we did not quite make it, but we got close and did quite well considering only 1/2 day on site.

This coming week, I will be missing two of my wonderful helpers.  My landlord has left for holidays for a month and Gail is going camping with her daughter and grand-daughters.  So it will generally just be Eric and I.

Tomorrow I hope to completely remove the balance of the sub-floor and slab except for under the north annex and then start in on the remaining hardwood floor.

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