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With a high of 868 watts per square meter of solar energy today and a UV index of 6.25, I felt every radiating watt!

Alfie developed troubles around 5:10 PM with the indication he was going to overheat.  I decided to stop and see what was up and glad I did for both our sakes.  The tractor had lost a tail pipe and was belching exhaust into the engine bay.  It also looked like the hydraulic oil was overflowing and I suspect it was overheating.  We had been working very hard breaking up the concrete slab.  So I decided to quit for the day because I did not want to risk damage and I needed the engine area to cool down before I could rig up a tail pipe.

That is when I realized I was not doing so hot (scuse the pun) myself.  I had had a headache since lunch and now I felt nauseous. I had been in the sun the whole day and even with a hat and lots of fluids, I was suffering from sun stroke. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a poor day.  I iced the head, had some ice-cream, and a cold bath before heading off to the dump for a green waste run with Ron.  While prepping for the trip I walked into the sharp edge of a ladder on the truck and now am the proud owner of a large gash.  Then we arrived just in time to see we both forgot the closing time and had missed it by two minutes. Oh well, at least we got to stop at Tim Hortons.

The day was at least productive and I finished removing the sub floor and slab from the entire dwelling except for under the still standing master bedroom.  Tomorrow I will need to make an early dump run and then start in on the bedroom hardwood.  In the afternoon, I will strip the remaining drywall and make a combined run with a neighbour down the street.

Eric was hear today and chewed through a large pile of 2x materials removing the nails and stacking for me.  He will be back tomorrow and should finish the de-nailing and then will help bundle the removed  hardwood.

One of the excavator contractors I asked to quote will come by tomorrow to discuss.  I will also see how much he would charge to take the concrete debris to United Lock Block on Mitchel Island.  They charge $35 to dump any size load as long as it is free of rebar, mesh, and dirt.  They use the concrete to make new product.  This is a VERY GOOD DEAL, but of course it will cost me money to it get there.  I am estimating 30 yards or 100K Lbs.

It is looking quite hopeful that I will be able to have the entire house down by the weekend.

By the end of the day, Alfie and I had chewed through a lot of concrete.
By the end of the day, Alfie and I had chewed through a lot of concrete.

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