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Almost Gone

Today capped off a couple of productive days.

Yesterday I did manage to get most of my list completed including lifting up most of the hardwood floor in the bedroom, removing all drywall and making a combined run with John from the end of the street, making an early morning green waste run, and stack all of the broken up concrete into a pile.

Eric was also here and process a bunch more wood that needed to be de-nailed and stacked.

Today I arrived at 8:30 AM to meet one of the excavators I have asked to and started to clean up the site and get ready for the day’s activities.  He ended up being held up in traffic and arrived a couple of hours later, but the extra hours on site were useful.  I ground off the staples from the hardwood I took up yesterday, which took me about half the day. I also cleared away  stuff stored around the remaining north annex to get ready for tomorrows tear down.  I also loaded the trailer for a rubbish run made up mostly from the foil backed cardboard that was in the floor assembly and has being drying out for the last few days. Finally I de-nailed some cedar planking that was in the closets and stacked it on the shipping container.

Eric was also hear today and finished processing the remaining wood that needed to be de-nailed.  Tomorrow he will help bundle the hardwood which will also go into the container.  Next week he will have the final wood being salvaged from the remaining structure and then things will slow down while the excavation proceeds.

One of the companies I am getting to quote is Diamond 11 Excavating and Demolition.  I first met them when they were digging the hole of the house I am currently living in.  I would help them out throughout the day by barricading the entrance to the property so they could get in and out.  If I did not, parents dropping their kids off or picking up from daycare would park right in front of the dump truck or block the entrance.  As a result, I got to know Parm and Nick quite well and they were the first company I thought off for my project.  They seem amenable to me ‘renting’ their equipment and only having a truck and driver service the project.  This will save me time and money and they will save resources that they can assign somewhere else.  I will still wait for a second quote however to see if it is worth it for me to participate or instead use the time to do other tasks to get ready for the build.

In the meantime, we will press on and hopefully have most of the remaining building down by the end of the day tomorrow.

On a side note, I wanted to comment on what a small world it is.  Last week I posted about my visit to my childhood home on 6Rd in Richmond.  Well I was talking with Ron (who is a commercial real-estate appraiser) who is working on a project involving empty land on Sidaway.  He was talking away and mentioned a house he had looked at on 6Rd as a comparable.  He briefly described it but then said the address was something like 66somthing 0.  After some further conversation I realized he was talking about my old neighbours house which was coming down.  Now he has never done any work on 6Rd before, what is the chances he would look at the exact house I had visited for the first time in over 25 years only a week apart!!!

These coincidences always amaze me.  By the way, I believe I found the contact information for my old neighbour and will hopefully make contact sometime this weekend.

Thanks for visiting.

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