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One Wall Standing

Well I tried.  I really wanted the house down and gone by the end of the month but it looks like I will be a day or two late. The house has won again.  I was able to proceed on the demolition today and took down most of the bedroom and the cavity around the fireplace,  but still have the north wall of the house left standing (minus the gable).

I lost some time today on freight tasks.  I got a call this morning advising that the ICF blocks had arrived and would be delivered today.  Since I was looking after the local delivery and did not know they had even left Ontario, this was a surprise.  I was granted some extra time and the consolidator will keep till Tuesday AM without any fees.  I need to setup a crane truck as I obviously do not have any loading facilities at the job site. It looks like transferring the goods from Richmond to North Van will be close to $1000.  This is almost 25% the cost of moving from Ontario to BC.  I will hopefully get a more competitive quote tomorrow AM.

I was not needing these goods till mid August at the earliest.  I now have to scramble over the weekend to create a flat area near the road to store them until needed.  Once the hole is dug, I will need to hire a crane truck again to lift them into the bottom of the hole.

On a good note, I received a quote for the floor trusses that is only slightly above my $2000 cutoff.  It is still coming by truck and not rail which is disappointing, but at least it beats the previous quote of $5K.  Reading between the lines, the problem with rail is not the loading into a container, but a lack of freight moving from Quebec to Vancouver that my goods could bum a ride with.  It looks like there are few less-than-container-load opportunities available.

Eric was hear today and was able to bundle all of the hardwood floor.  I sure have been appreciative of his help. It was freaky, but the flooring I pulled up made exactly the number of bundles I had room left in the trailer for.  I think there was only a couple of short sticks left that were left behind when the last bundle was complete. There is still about 20 or so square ft left installed on the floor that I will just chuck.

In the afternoon I made a trash run to the dump with yesterday’s load and then started loading the green waste created by today’s demo.  I was a little less careful today with the tractor and had a bit more breakage.  But I am still saving over 80% of the studs and about 95% of the ceiling joists.

Andre, one of my regular Craigslist respondents, also came by today to pick up another large load of ship-lap and some of the windows.  I informed him that whatever is left by Monday will be going to the green waste dump, so he will be coming a few more times to clean up.  He should easily have enough wood for his greenhouse.

Should be a very busy weekend.

One lonely wall remains
One lonely wall remains

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