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Lafarge becomes a sponsor

Well, we are one day closer to excavation but still have one wall standing.

The morning was spent in the office planning the logistics for Tuesday’s delivery of 21 skids containing 37K lbs of ICF block. I looked at having the consolidator just bring the blocks out on the existing trailer, but renting a rough terrain forklift (tellehandler) was going to cost $600 for one day and the consolidator would have charged a fee to deliver to a residential address.  So at somewhere between $600 and $800 I can hire the freight and site placement out to a crane truck and not have to worry about it.  I am using Phoenix Truck and Crane who had the best rates out of the few I called (most do not have equipment to handle these loads).

I also received confirmation from Lafarge Concrete (than you Eric/Don and Carlos), that they will sponsor the supply of the concrete blocks I need to stabilize my excavation around two trees.  I just have to arrange freight.  This was some good news in a day otherwise filled with spending money.  At this point it looks like I need 36 full blocks and 6 half blocks for a total of 163,800 Lbs.  I wonder if my property is going to sink below all this extra weight :-).  I will arrange for delivery for next Thursday or Friday. I will also be using Lafarge for the concrete for the dwelling and will discuss this more later.

I also confirmed the truck movement of my truss package from Quebec to BC.  At $2200, it is a far cry cheaper than the next quote received of $5000.  I had confirmation that the issue is moving less than a container load, and is not about problems loading the goods.  As I have gone through about 5 carriers to find this one (, I think I will just accept that these will not move by rail.

By the time the office work was done, it was time for lunch.  After lunch I started on clearing beside the road to get ready for the ICF delivery.  I will order gravel for Tuesday AM. Tomorrow I will take the roses out and transplant them to Ron’s yard

Getting ready for the ICF.  Still need a gravel pad.
Getting ready for the ICF. Still need a gravel pad.

I then finished processing all of the materials from the bedroom tear-down creating the give away, keep, green waste, and rubbish piles.  Tomorrow I will pull down and strip the final remaining wall and the house will officially be down.

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