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Its Gone!

While the house was officially down on Aug 5, I can now report that the house is now officially gone.  I finished loading the last of the concrete into the truck at 1:10 PM today and the truck was picked up and gone at 3:45 PM.

As you can see by the below photo, the amount that was still left surprised everyone.  Parm was thinking we could do only one load.  I thought there was about 1/4 to 1/3 of a truck left.  Well, we basically filled this second truck to about 80% capacity, but it was a bit smaller of a truck.

Close to a full load
Close to a full load

I am surprised at the feeling of accomplishment this brought.  It has been such a long slog getting to this day that to finally be done and moving to the building stage was both exciting and scary.  Now I have to make sure everything from this point is done right and hopefully close to schedule!

I have commitment that we will start digging on Wednesday the 20th right after I take a visiting colleague to the train station. So I will spend tomorrow doing the final tidy up around the yard including moving some of the stacked wood to spots it will not be in the way (I have some time on this because we will not be to the front of the excavation for at least a week). Monday I will push the debris dirt out of the way (probably to the front of the excavation to be removed on the first load) and then will start excavating if I have time around the tree at the NW corner where the mass blocks will need to go to stabilize the bank.  This soil will be stockpiled on site to be used for back-fill later.

SO it is the beginning of exciting times.  Soon we will actually be building.  Was starting to think this day would never come.

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