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Happy to Clad!

Well, after so many years of slogging away on this place, it sure does feel good to be applying a finished surface to the exterior of the dwelling!  It is actually starting to feel like a home!!!

I have now finished the insulation and cladding on both the north and west elevations except for the siding returns around the windows on the west wall.

Completed north elevation
Siding return detail at windows

Notice the siding return around the windows and the very minor portion of the window frame that is visible.  To increase the window assembly thermal resistance, I over-insulated the window frames.  This significantly increase the installed R-value of the assembly.

View from back deck to Master Bedroom window and door
West elevation complete except for very top of gable. Parts of the old B.A.T. are providing a nice dry working area. 

The Coulson Engineered Cedar siding is a joy to work with and looks fantastic.  It is also cheaper than the inferior solid cedar siding options on the market (solid cedar splits and warps). My pricing has been well under $3 per lineal foot for the 6″ wide product (5″ exposure)

Today I ordered some additional stock to also use for the soffit material, which will arrive directly from the mill on Vancouver island at the San facility in Langley on Tuesday.  SO before I take the scaffold down on the north wall, I will also install the soffits on that elevation (had planned to do this after moving in, but do not want to risk birds or rodents getting into the roof assembly), and it should not take long to install.

I will then move the scaffolding to the south elevation and complete the insulation and then siding on that wall before completing the clerestory wall.  Finally I will complete the walls on the front east elevation that will also have the cedar.

This will leave the feature walls at the front of the house that we currently plan to clad in Nichiha Concrete Panels.  Unlike the cheap looking Hardie-Board, the Nichiha panels are top quality and have great options for colour and texture.  We will complete these walls a little later in the build. I still need to source a front door as all my options so far have been too pricey (starting at $15K!)

Hopefully by the end of October, I will have the cedar siding portion of the envelope buttoned up.  It is going to be great to be able to work inside this winter and not be cold!

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