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Heavy Haul

Today’s description is easy – I moved concrete.   Speaking with the trucker, it sounded like he was going to be bringing one of the big demolition trucks instead of just a pup dump truck trailer.  This would present two problems; they are taller than my life capacity on Alfie, and it would be much longer than the area I had intended to back the truck into.

I tossed and tuned all night thinking about it and came to the realization that the only way to address would be to build a dirt ramp with the rubbish pile and then move all of the concrete to the north side of the ramp.  This would give the driver a nice long straight area in line with the driveway to back into.  The ramp and moving concrete took the better part of the day.  I had a couple of calls from people watching the web-cams asking what the blazes I was doing. Unfortunately my FTP server picked today to act up so I lost all of the time lapse of today’s events.

Beginning of day status.
Beginning of day status.
End of day status
End of day status

The surveyors from Bennett Land Surveying also came this afternoon and marked out all of my batter boards (sorry folks I have been calling then batten boards up till now).  I will now be able to run twine lines between them to allow the locating of the forms.  I will also be able to measure set offs of the marked lines for the outer and inner faces of the foundation.  Apparently this is not done that much in residential anymore and most people just put marked on ground.  But these are lost in no time with equipment movement and such. Batter boards are the old fashioned way of laying out and much easier in my opinion. I will be able to hang plumb bobs from the lines and get the exact corners of my foundation identified.

That’s it, now I am just waiting for the truck to arrive.  I was promised tonight but as it is now 9 PM, it does not look like it is working out. Lets see how tomorrow pans out.

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